Welcome to the Joyce Ertel Hulbert Textile Conservation website.

Joyce’s skill and expertise as an art conservator, artist, and textile advocate is a creative synthesis of her wide studies and experience in the textile arts over a 35 year career.

Textile Conservation, Display Mounting, Installation and Collections Care

Joyce Ertel Hulbert Textile Conservation* has been established since 1988, offering specialized skills:

  • designing and creating beautiful and lasting archival display solutions,
  • comprehensive textile restoration and conservation services, and
  • collections care and handling for all textile based artforms.

Family heirlooms and ancient Pre-Columbian tunics, Chinese embroideries and African Kente cloth – Joyce’s experience in art conservation for textiles spans 3 thousand years of global textile production. Joyce holds a degree in Textile Technology and has pursued specialized training in art conservation and handling practices throughout her career. She loves problem solving and employs an instinctual response to textile structures in her work. Contact Joyce directly with your project here. & Please visit her Textile Conservation page for an in-depth overview of her services and a portfolio of recent projects.

* formerly Joyce Hulbert Tapestry and Textile Restoration

Experience and Expertise

Joyce is an active member of the public focusing on textiles – as a conservator, artist, event programmer, committee member and national association participant. She has also managed a museum collection and lead numerous art tours to San Francisco Bay Area artist studios and collectors homes. Her Experience and Expertise page shares recent and current public involvement & click here to contact Joyce directly for her consultation and participation on your upcoming exhibition, symposium or curation project.

Vision and Philosophy 

An artful eye and a canny hands-on approach to textiles is at the core of Joyce’s practice, yet her work and art rests on the reading of and deep appreciation for the historical and anthropological understanding of art and culture. Joyce believes world textiles are important and essential conduits for language, aesthetics, and knowledge structures common to all cultures. In 2014 Joyce launched TextileThinkTank, where with archivist Julie Goldsmith Joyce hopes to use this perspective to create an online archive of the California Textile Art Movement 1939 to the present. Visit her Visions and Philosophy page to learn more about Joyce’s ideas, activities and projects on these themes.

The Art of Textiles 

Since 1983 Joyce is an exhibiting artist – for her art she has mastered numerous allied skills in weaving, dyeing and textile print technologies that augment her work in Textile Conservation. She enjoys drawing, collage, assemblage, and tapestry.

Please visit The Art of Textiles page to view her artwork and enquire about availability.